RBI and Ministry of Finance Advisory

Remittance towards Participation in Lottery, Money Circulation Schemes, Other fictitious offers of cheap funds etc.
Caution Notice - RBI - Depositor Protect Thyself (Applicable to Branches of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh) : July 16, 2015
Caution Advice released by RBI against the 'Balance Enquiry' App : Apr 15, 2015
Fictitious Offer - Registering complaints with Cyber crime Cell / Economic Offences Wing : Feb 9, 2012
RBI cautions public against fictitious offers of fund transfers from abroad : Feb 2, 2012
Complain to Local Police / Cyber Crime Authorities against Fictitious offers of Money from Abroad : Jan 10, 2012
RBI never asks for your bank account details : April 5, 2011
Do not pay money to receive large funds from abroad : February 15, 2011
Do not fall prey to fictitious offers of funds transfer : May 28, 2010
Remittance towards participation in lottery, money circulation scheme, other fictitious offers of cheap funds, etc. : May 26, 2010
Beware of fictitious offers / lottery winnings / cheap funds offers : July 30, 2009
RBI cautions public against fictitious offers of remitting cheap funds from abroad : Dec 07, 2007
RBI cautions Job aspirants 12 June, 2018

RBI Circular / Press Release - Virtual Currency / Bitcoin related

Government Cautions People Against Risks in Investing in Virtual ‘Currencies’; Says VCs are like Ponzi Schemes
Reserve Bank Cautions Regarding Risk of Virtual Currencies Including Bitcoins 05 December, 2017
RBI Cautions Users of Virtual Currencies 01 February, 2017
RBI Cautions Users of Virtual Currencies Against Risks 24 December, 2013
Prohibition on dealing in VCs April 6 2018

Please Note:

  • Nomination facility is available on all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Bank exchanges soiled notes and mutilated notes.
  • Bank accepts / exchange coins of all denominations.
  • If a banknote tendered at the branch is found to be counterfeit, bank will issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer after stamping the note.
  • We accept direct tax collection.
  • We open 'No frills' accounts.
  • The Bank will consider the clear balance available in your account at the beginning of the day to process cheques in Inward Clearing.