Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Number?

Just like a UPI ID, UPI number is an 8 or 9 or 10 Digit number that can be created by you so that anyone with ANY payment app can pay you by just entering this number. There will be no need to enter the handle (eg: number@abcd) of the payment app or banking app you have connected this UPI number with. This will increase your privacy on which payment or banking app you use. It will also make it convenient for the payer as they do not need to remember anything other than the number


When you create a UPI number on Kotak app the Kotak account becomes your default account to receive all payments, making it convenient for you to directly receive payments to your bank account and keep track of all your finances.

*Recommended: Create a 10 Digit UPI number - which has to be the same as your mobile number. This way, your payers need not trouble you for your payment details and can directly use your mobile number to pay from any app.


How to create a UPI Number on Kotak App?

To create a UPI number on Kotak app, click on BHIM UPI section under Pay & Transfer menu, select manage UPI ID & click on create now.


  • 10 digit UPI Number can only be your registered Mobile Number
  • UPI Number cannot begin with ‘0’
  • All the digits of the UPI Number cannot be the same. Ex: 11111111
  • 3 similar digits cannot be used at the end of UPI Number. Ex: XXXXX111

What is UPI Number cooling period?

Any 8 or 9 digit UPI Number that has been disabled/ deleted by a user will be kept under a cooling period of 6 months. After 6 months this number can be claimed by any other user. However, in case a 10 digit mobile number has been used to create the UPI number then, even if the user deletes it, no other user will be able to claim it. 

Note: you can only create a 10 Digit UPI number with your mobile number and no other number

How fast is a BHIM UPI transaction?

Transactions using BHIM UPI are instant and are completed within seconds.

Can I send money to anyone using BHIM UPI?

You can send money to:

  • A beneficiary who already has a VPA (Virtual Payment Address)
  • If the beneficiary doesn't have a VPA, you can send money to him/her using their Account number and IFSC code

What are the advantages of BHIM UPI payments?

The advantages of BHIM UPI are:

  • Transfer money securely using VPA instead of account number
  • Link all your bank accounts at one place
  • Share your VPA instead of account number for receiving money
  • Instant & convenient way of money transfer

Why is my transaction failing?

Transactions could fail due to multiple reasons at the sender or the beneficiary side. Some of the reasons could be:

  • Bank connectivity or system issue
  • Some rule or constraints at either of the banks
  • Limit exceeded
  • Wrong VPA or no account linked to beneficiary VPA at the time of transaction
  • In most cases, you will be able to see the reason for failure on the screen after the transaction attempt has been completed.

How will I know if my BHIM UPI transaction is successful?

Once the transaction is  successful, the money will be deducted from your account immediately and this  change will be visible in your account balance. If the change is not visible,  you can check the status of the transaction in the Transaction History section  of the app.

You can access the section by going to "My Kotak" or "Banking" >  BHIM UPI > Transaction History.  You  will also receive an SMS in case of a successful transaction.

How can I view my transaction history?

You can view your  transaction history by clicking in the "Transaction History" section of the app  .  You can access the section by going to  "My Kotak" or "Banking" > BHIM UPI > Transaction History. You can select  the date range for the history required and all the transactions within that  range would be displayed on the app.

How do I know if someone has sent me a request for sending money or collecting money?

You can see the  notification in the 'notification' section (including details such as requested  amount, requestor VPA) or you can see the push notification sent by the App.

What is a VPA?

The Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is a unique identifier assigned to your bank account by any of the UPI apps. The VPA has a format of username@Kotak in Kotak Mobile Banking App.

What are the transaction limits in BHIM UPI?

  • The current UPI transfer limit is INR 1 lakh per day. Users can make up to 20 transactions per day.
  • The transaction limit for IPO is up to INR 5 lakh per day.

What are the working hours for money transfers on BHIM UPI?

Money transfers using UPI can be made 24x7 instantly which means it can be done on holidays as well and are not dependent on banking hours.