That's nice, you're planning your investments! 

Select Recurring deposit if you want to invest monthly; select fixed deposit if you want to make lumpsum investments; fixed deposits are of two types viz., Pay out deposits or cumulative deposits. Choose pay out deposits if you need to monthly/quarterly interest in your account or select cumulative if you want interest to be clubbed with your principal and paid out at maturity You can book online a Recurring Deposit/Fixed / Term deposit by following a few simple steps: 

1. Login to Mobile Banking 

1) Go to Banking -> Fixed/Recurring Deposits 

2) Open Fixed Deposit 

2. Login to Net Banking 

1) Go to Investment -> Deposits 

2) Open A Fixed / Recurring Deposit 

Please Note: 

1) To check Fixed Deposit interest rates, please click here.

2) FDs can be booked by vising nearest branch with a minimum amount of Rs. 5000. If this is your first FD, the minimum amount is Rs. 10,000. There is no maximum limit. 

3) For FDs with a tenure of below 181 days, interest will be calculated at maturity as simple interest. 

4) No interest will be payable for NRE FDs maintained for less than a year. 

5) In case of Tax Saving FDs:

A) No premature withdrawal of principal or accrued interest is permitted. 

B) Lien cannot be marked on the FD receipt issued under this scheme. 

C) Maximum amount is Rs. 150,000 and minimum tenure is 60 months.

 6) Deposits booked under Premature Withdrawal Not Allowed option cannot be withdrawn before maturity. For example: 

a) Tax Savings Fixed Deposit

b) Applied Credit card against Fixed deposit.

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