We have a selected tenure for which we provide a special interest rate. If you book it for a specified period, then you will be eligible for the special interest rate.  

E.g. Interest rate on 390 Days (12 months 25 days) is 7.40% p.a.  

On above example if book a Fixed Deposit for exact 390 days you will be eligible for highest interest rate which is 7.40%p.a.  

If you book a Fixed Deposit for 389 days (less than 390 days) or for 391 days (more than 390 days) you will get less interest as compared to special interest rate.  

Please note: Tenure and rate of special interest are subject to change time to time. 

Please click https://www.kotak.com/en/personal-banking/Deposits/Fixed-Deposit/Fixed-Deposit-interest-rate.html?cid=answer&source=keya&medium=faq to check Fixed Deposit interest rates.

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