Frequently Asked Questions

Is my card a contactless card?

For Kotak Credit Cards issued before 1st Oct’20 : Look for the Contactless Indicator on your card. If your card has the contactless indicator, you can start using your card for contactless transactions immediately.

For Kotak Debit Cards issued from 1st Oct’20 : As per RBI guidelines, Contactless (Tap & Pay) feature has been disabled on your card, to know how to enable, click here.

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How can I apply for a Contactless card?

The following debit cards are enabled for Contactless feature. You can apply for any one of them through net banking or other channels based on your eligibility:

  • Wealth Management Infinite Debit Card
  • Privy League Signature Debit Card
  • Privy League Platinum Debit Card
  • Visa Platinum Debit Card
  • Silk Debit Card
  • MyImage Debit Card
  • Business Power Platinum Debit Card

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Is there a limit on the value of products I can purchase with Visa Contactless Card?

For transactions up to Rs. 5000 in India, you can pay simply by tapping your card on the Contactless Indicator  at payment terminal which supports contactless transactions. There is no need to even enter your credit card PIN. For transactions over Rs. 5000, insert/swipe your card followed by 6 digit PIN. International limits for Contactless transactions are governed by regulations of that country.

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Are Contactless cards as safe as a regular chip cards?

Contactless cards are as secure as any other chip card. They carry the same multiple layers of security, which ensures that you are safe from fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. You should keep your card safe and block it immediately if it is lost or stolen or you suspect unauthorized transactions.

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If I get too close to contactless terminal, is there a risk of the card getting charged accidentally?

No, the cashier will have to input the amount in the terminal to activate the reader before the card can be tapped. Also, the card must be held within 4 cm of the contactless reader.

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