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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forex Card?

The Forex Card is a Chip based pre-paid card introduced in association with Visa. It is the first card to offer you the option of loading up to 13 currencies in a single card in a convenient and secure way.

This card gives you the freedom to shop anywhere in the world and provides access to the currency of your destination at competitive market rates.

It can be used at all VISA ATMs and merchant establishments accepting VISA Cards worldwide except for a few countries which are listed in FAQ (2)

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Will I be able to use my Forex Card across the World?

Forex Card will work across the world other than the countries mentioned below:

Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Crimea region, Afghanistan, Venezuela, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar (Burma).


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How does Forex Card work?

Your Forex Card will be activated with the loaded currencies within 24 hours of the bank getting clear funds from your end. Once active, the card can be used at any international location.

The Forex Card works just like a Credit/Debit Card for purchase transactions at merchant establishments that have an electronic terminal. The only difference is that the transaction amount is directly debited from your Forex Card balance.

The card can be used to withdraw cash at all Visa ATMs worldwide. Irrespective of the currency in the card, the cash dispensed will be of the said currency of the country. Only ensure that you remember the PIN given to you with the card welcome kit. The same is unique for every card and can be changed only through travel web log-in. Following are the steps for using a Forex Chip Card during a POS transaction:

  • The cashier inserts the chip card in the POS terminal
  • The chip card must remain in the terminal till the transaction is completed

If the POS terminal does not have chip facility, the card can be used for normal magnetic stripe swipe on the POS terminal.

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How is a Forex Chip Card better than a magnetic stripe card?

The chip card is also known as EMV Card. EMV is the brand name of EMV Co. which stands for Europay MasterCard Visa.

This organization has set the standards for payment cards with chips. Due to increasing fraud and misuse on the payments that are done through the magnetic stripe cards, the smart EMV cards have been developed according to the EMV standard in order to prevent fraud and misuse.
This makes the chip card more secure against card fraud than cards that rely only on data encoded in a magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

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What are the currencies in which the Forex Card is available?

The Forex Card is currently available in 13 currencies:

US Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR), Sterling Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swedish Krona (SEK), South African Rand (ZAR), United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), Saudi Riyal (SAR). Each of these currencies is also termed as Currency Wallet, where in one can load one or more currency wallets of the respective country of travel.

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