26 FEBRUARY, 2020

While everything that comes with a holiday plan is exciting, you are bound to be concerned about managing the finances. Well, a credit card can be your perfect solution. From paying utility bills to online shopping, buying home appliances, groceries, and much more, a credit card can help you cover all your daily expenses conveniently. It also makes for an exceptional financial tool when vacationing with your family and friends.

Below are some tips on how a new credit card can bring great savings during the holiday season:

Check for discounts and offers
Before you book your travel tickets and stay, make it a point to find out whether the card you are using is offering any kind of discounts or offers. Discounts on flight reservations and hotel room bookings can be quite helpful in accommodating your travel budget. However, you will have to meet certain spending limits to avail of these credit card discounts.

Airport lounge access
Traveling is unquestionably exhilarating. However, you cannot deny that it can get exhausting during layovers. The airport lounge makes for a good place to relax while you wait to get onto your next flight. There are several credit cards that offer access to multiple airport lounges around the world. It does help to check your credit card for such offers before you begin your travel journey.

Built-in travel insurance
Travel insurance can be costly and what’s better than having it built-in with your credit card? This form of insurance may not be the first factor to consider but it is certainly quite useful. Well, there are credit cards that offer limited yet big sums of reimbursement in the case of cancelled or interrupted trips.

Sign-up bonuses – If you are applying for a new credit card, the holiday season is a good time to do so. Several credit cards come with sign-up bonuses which can be availed only after making a given spend limit. The holiday shopping can easily help you earn the additional reward points.

Collect reward points
Most credit cards give you the added bonus of reward points as you go about with your daily spends while enjoying the best of your holiday activities.

Despite of several apprehensions attached to the risk of using credit cards, when used tactfully, it can save you a lot of money.

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